My name is Marie Jandova and I’ve turned fifty.

What would I like for my birthday?

I have been asked for birthday present that would make me happy. Well, I would like something special, ideally something that will please not only me. That´s why I sent the question on and asked my hometown: What would you like, Krnov? I received several suggestions from the town councillors for projects that were not funded due to other priorities. I have chosen one of them, the one closest to my heart, which I will present to you here and entrust to your generosity. And since it is a gift considerably more expensive than I could afford to ask of an individual donor, I have decided to organize a birthday fundraising.

What do I want to contribute to?

The funds raised will be donated to the construction of the missing stained glass windows for the interior of the Flemmich Villa in Krnov on Hlubčická Street. At the beginning of the last century, the textile industry in Krnov was strongly developed and in 1908 Theodor Flemmich became a co-owner of one of the largest local factories. Not far from the factory, he had a villa built according to a design by Otto Prutscher, which included interior details. The windows connecting the salon with the conservatory and the hall were fitted with stained glass windows. The surviving damaged stained glass windows were reconstructed in 2014. However, the villa still lacks two small stained glass windows and one large one.

Why for this purpose?

The villa behind the high wall has been a source of attention for me since my childhood, when I used to pass by it with my parents to water the strawberry and onion beds in the nearby gardening colony. Little did we know then that it would one day house the town museum, that my parents would live across the street from it, and that my dad and I would go to exhibitions there. I like the idea of retrofitting the space with the missing stained glass windows. Stained glass can emphasize how playful the sun’s rays are. And it’s beautiful, fragile and a little bit vain, just like a proper birthday present should be.

How much is needed?

It would be amazing to raise 50 thousand crowns. You could get both of the missing little stained glass windows for that. Filling in the arched part of the large stained glass window will cost 30 thousand crowns. I find it nicely symbolic that the stained glass is made of many small pieces. In the same way, a large sum can be pieced together from many small amounts. Every penny counts, every donation makes me very happy, and with every donor I will imaginatively unwrap another piece of glass in the mosaic.

How to contribute?

The original idea was to use the Donio, a Czech crowdfunding platform. But it turned out that the museum could not be a direct beneficiary of the public fundraising. I therefore rely on your trust and ask you to send your donation to my private account number

IBAN CZ75 5500 0000 0074 9486 4010


I would be pleased if you would include a message for the recipient. The account will be available for fifty days, from 27 April 2023 to 15 June 2023. If you like this project and know of someone who might be able to join, I´d be happy for sharing.


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